Mar 28 2014

Not Creepy at All: Anitomical 3D Self-Portrait

21st-Century-Self-Portrait-frontIt’s the eyes that do it. A skull without eyes if just a wholesome piece of pirate memorabilia, but when you stick the eyeballs in those sockets you just plunge right to the depths of the uncanny valley.

Chicago-based artist Joshua Harker recently unveiled this 3D-printed sculptural self-portrait titled 21st Century Self-Portrait. Harker utilized a 3D scan of his face and a CT scan of his skull to form the components which were coupled with his trademark filigree aesthetic

Have you noticed all the 3D printing news lately. Every other thing was created by someone with a 3D printer. Jerks. I want a 3D printer so I can be one of those jerks too. I promise to only print things that will make the world a better place to live. That seems honorable right? So Karma should grant me the next printer that falls off the back of a truck.

Hit the jump for the rest of the set.

21st-Century-Self-Portrait-iso 21st-Century-Self-Portrait-profile 21st-Century-Self-Portrait-top 21st-Century-Self-Portrait-brain portrait-mask-front

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