Not Fast Food: Collaborative Cooking lets 5 Chefs Cook at Once

Collaborative-Cooking-Food-Machine-2-600x450you know the saying, “Too many cooks in the kitchen?” Does that apply when none of the cooks are actually in the kitchen but instead are working remotely and a machine is preparing the meal per their instructions? I’m going to guess yes, it would still be very easy for the guy with his finger on the “More Mushrooms” button to screw things up very quickly. It only takes one press to be too many.

Essentially, the machine allows five different chefs to cook together and engage in a digital discussion, no matter where they are. They choose the ingredients (up to 35), heat, stirring, and then perform the actual cooking process together. When one participant performs an action, a lamp lights up and a receipt is printed, creating an archive of steps that’s stored physically and digitally. This makes it easy for anyone to recreate the process. One cooking session can last for 10 to 20 hours, and results in a discussion about food that’s documented in addition to the final dish that’s ready to be served.

You read that too right? 10 to 20 hours to cook a single pot of inedible stew. That is a lot of work for nothing. Like really nothing. I’m not patient enough for that. I get the three-minute mac-and-cheese just because it takes two fewer minutes than the five-minute mac.

Hit the jump for more shots and a video.

Collaborative-Cooking-Food-Machine-10-600x800 Collaborative-Cooking-Food-Machine-9-600x450 Collaborative-Cooking-Food-Machine-7-600x450 Collaborative-Cooking-Food-Machine-6-600x450 Collaborative-Cooking-Food-Machine-5-600x450 Collaborative-Cooking-Food-Machine-4-600x600