May 21 2014

Not Sure About This: New Ride Drops You 300 Feet Face First

rideBusch Gardens in Tampa, Florida is finishing construction on a new ride they’re calling Falcon’s Fury that will open this Summer.

When riders get to the top—as many as 32 at one time—their seats are tilted forward 90 degrees so that they’re directly facing the ground when released. And during the first 100 feet of free fall, they’ll actually achieve a speed of around 60 miles per hour before a magnetic braking system brings them to a safe and upright stop.

Of all the types of amusement park rides that I’ve enjoyed over the years the ones that take you up and drop you are my least favorite. If you want to shoot me up in the air and then drop me first that’s fine, but just the drop I do not like. Just the butt-clenching terror of falling to my death. I can live a perfectly happy life without going though that. That being said, if you want to take me to Busch Gardens I’ll ride this one with you.

Hit the jump for a video.

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