Not Sure About This: Star Wars Yoga

Star-Wars-Yoga-LeiaIf you’re in to yoga or exercise in general than that’s great. I give you permission to lord it over the rest of us like running that 5k makes you the coolest person in not just your 8th grade, but all of the 8th grades. If you’re in to yoga and Star Wars then you and the other four people in your club need to see this.

The subject of exercise isn’t really discussed in the Star Wars universe, but Princess Leia didn’t get those abs from running the Rebellion. Surely Stormtroopers had to stretch in order to move around in their clunky armor. Artist Rob Osborne must have had thoughts like this, and the end result is a serious of hilarious posters illustrating yoga poses as performed by Star Wars characters. Even R2-D2 and C-3PO get in on the bendy action.

You know what pose I can do? The mountain. Not the one where you crush your tiny opponent to death at the end of a champion’s battle (although I am all for that) the one where you just stand there and pretend you’re a mountain. As opposed to being the mudslide you more accurately represent.

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