Apr 30 2014

Not yet Rated: Game of Thrones in the Style of Disney


I am endlessly fascinated by the talent some people have to determine the intricacies that make up a style of art and then apply their findings to unrelated material.

Take DeviantArtist nandomendonssa (Fernando Mendonça) for example. He’s taken some of our favorite Game of Thrones characters and drawn them up in Disney Style. Specifically he has Jon Snow with Ghost, and Tyrion Lannister in all his cartoony glory.

I’ve finally gotten far enough ahead in listening to the Song of Ice and Fire books that the spoilers for upcoming episodes of the TV show don’t spoil the story for me. But I could totally spoil things for you. HA. I’m not sure what happened, but the guy who reads the books apparently forgot what everyone’s names were when he got to A Feast for Crows. After that point there is no consistency in how he pronounces several of the characters names. Every other time he says it different. It’s like all of a sudden there are twice as many characters as there used to be. Kinda confusing.

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