Now There’s a Temporary Solution: South Korea to Build Biodomes for Endangered Animals

jbn0siie5ge3kuatosb8If there has ever been a problem that could be solved by a huge feat of over-engineering and invading nature, it must be saving endangered animals. At least that’s South Korea’s take on the issue.

The idea for the design by Seoul-based Samoo Architects & Engineers (SAMOO) is to blend the three-part compound harmoniously with the surrounding nature.

The main area, known as the Core Zone, will contain a visitors center, offices, and quarantine zone. Meanwhile, the main Research Zone includes a number of breeding farms and research facilities, including several biodomes. There’s also something called the Refresh Zone where researchers and visitors can stay.

Here’s what I see happening. They’ll build these huge greenhouses and fill them with the remains of their most endangered species. Some of the species won’t do well with the move and will sadly die. Some won’t adapt well with how freaking hot it gets in a greenhouse, and sadly die. Some will be killed by well-meaning visitors who just wanted to share their popcorn, and sadly die. Others will flourish and there will be so many that the researchers will start releasing them back into the wild where they will sadly die. Some animals will sadly die by suicide when Pauly Shore comes to visit, because you know, biodomes. The whole endeavor seems pretty sad and deadly.

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