Apr 08 2014

Best Use Yet: Video Made from Office Supplies


What do you do when you go into the office every day. I hope it’s something you enjoy. I really do feel for people who have jobs that they can’t stand. I had an awesome job once. It paid well, had great hours, my coworkers were nice and funny, and the clients I got to work with each day were well spoken and intelligent. Then the alarm went off and I got ready to go to my job. Stupid alarm clocks. They really do ruin everything.

Animated by Guillaume Blanchet, this new stop-motion short called A Girl Named Elastica tells the brief story of a girl who leaves her home to adventures around the world. Probably the most notable aspect is the ingenious use of thumbtacks and rubber bands to create the majority of the animation which takes place entirely on a small bulletin board. A Girl Named Elastica has been winning awards at animation festivals all over the world since last year.

Whenever I watch a stop-motion video I always have to wonder how long it took to make. I have to think it was a long time. I would never have the patience for it. Making such minute changes to a pair of lips for months at a time just to get them to read a joke that lost it’s funny after the first day. That would be beyond me.

Hit the jump for the video.

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