Oh Please Yes: Make Pluto A Planet Again

PlutoRemember when Pluto used to be a planet. Did you realize that this was 8 years ago? In 2006 the International Space Union decided that Pluto wasn’t a planet anymore. That means there are kids in Second grade who have never known the joy of nine planets.

I always kind of figured that once you reached planet-hood you were just set for life. When that turned out to not be the case I decided to change my life goal and start eating more healthy. Totally hasn’t helped.


The Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics recently decided to revisit the IAU’s ruling by hosting a discussion on the definition of a planet.Three experts chimed in on the controversy: Dr. Owen Gingerich, chair the IAU planet definition committee; Dr. Gareth Williams, associate director of the Minor Planet Center; and Dr. Dimitar Sasselov, director of the Harvard Origins of Life Initiative.

They ended up voting 2-1 to make Pluto a planet again. Does that really change anything? No. But it’s a step in the right direction. Someday I’m hoping to see Pluto added back to the list so that the science textbooks I couldn’t sell back can be correct again. Who’s with me?