Okay, that was Impressive: Formula 1 Pit Stops 1950 and Today

this-is-what-a-formula-one-pit-stop-looked-like-in-1950.jpgLet me preface this post with this, I have no interest in auto racing. I don’t think it’s a sport and all the best parts I will see on one of those Amazing Crashes shows.

That being said, after this video I think I have new respect for one aspect of auto racing, the pit crew. I knew it was their jobs to be fast so they can get their driver back on the course faster but I would have never guessed how much they have improved over the years.

This is a comparison video of a pit stop in 1950 and on in 2013. I feel like night and day isn’t quite a strong enough comparison. It’s more like, how bad The Simpsons is now compared to how good it was for the first 7 seasons.

Hold on to your pants and hit the jump for the video.

I had to watch to “today” part a couple of times to appreciate how good they are.