Apr 11 2014

Okay, That’s Cool: Landrover’s New “Transparent Bonnet”

land-roverLandrover is currently working on a new idea that will display an augmented reality heads up display on the windshield to show the ground under your vehicle and the placement of your wheels. I know, you’re wondering in what case that would ever be useful. It’s like a glass bottom car, who cares what the road looks like.

Then I watched the video and was reminded that the world isn’t flat. I keep forgetting.

When you hit an incline steep enough that you can’t see the road for a long distance in front of you, if at all, it would be handy to know that you’re not driving into a ditch. So a camera on the front of the vehicle turns on and displays the road on the bottom of your windshield where the hood blocks your view.

I can see this being useful for that one Landrover owner who actually takes his vehicle off of the paved road. It will also help the guy at the oil change place so he doesn’t accidentally drive into the pit. Awkward situation avoided.

Hit the jump for a video.


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