Jun 11 2013

Origami You’ll Never Be Able To Do

hawkArt and I have never gotten along. Ever. This is why paper art like this completely blows my brain into about 43 pieces. Nguyễn Hùng Cường (pronunciation guide already requested) of Vietnam is one of these paper artists. He’s been folding paper into pieces of art since he was five or six (around the time I was still picking my nose and laughing at farts….wait).

I bet this kid’s parents loved getting him gifts. Just wrap an empty box and let him go at it with the wrapping paper.

Hit the jump for some imagery. Just take it on faith that it is actually origami I guess. Or there is a giant origami conspiracy out there leading us to believe that this stuff is real when really it isn’t. Yeah, I agree, that sounds like the winner. Conspiracy it is. 



scorpion horsemoney butterflyhuge floweryellow gorilla

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