Oxymoron: Upscale Taco Bell

bell_UploadYou know what an oxymoron is right? Good, because I’m not about to explain it.

Taco Bell CEO Greg Creed told Restaurant News that the new chain targets wealthier customers who are “edgy in how they live their lives but not necessarily in how they eat.”

Diners will be able to nosh on the “One Percenter” which has fresh lobster and garlic butter or the “Winner Winner” which features a chicken breast topped with gravy. Those looking to try this new upscale but still, you know, Taco Bell-inspired menu, can try it when the first location opens in Huntington Beach, California this summer.

I eat at Taco Bell maybe 2 or three times a year, and I always get the same thing. Diarrhea. But I do like to think of myself as pretty adventurous when it comes to food. I like to try new things. At least new things that can still be identified as food. So while may not be the first in line for this new eatery it will only be because I’m super broke, like can’t afford regular Taco Bell broke, and how the government won’t let me back into California until the beginning of next year.