What Is This? A Book For Ants??


Because  discrimination against itty bitty things sucks and for literally NO OTHER REASON than for thinking it is the cutest thing in the world, the smallest book ever was created. It measures an adorable 1mm across and sports 30 pages of text. Now all we need to do is make animals this size so that each of us can have our own zoos at home. Pretty sure I just found out what I wish my hobby was, mini zoos. Also, how awkward would that be if someone found this book being read by an equally tiny person? He’d be like, “It’s a little dry, and the use of metaphor in this is embarrassing.” And we would just be “Whaaa??”

Well, I’m out of stuff. Only so much to say about a tiny book. Hit the jump to see other pics.

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That would make a sweet barbecue.


In more grilling news, here’s this Steampunk AT-AT made by Flickrer Broken Journalist for his woman. He actually calls it, “Captain Bayley’s Infernal Mechano-Preambulator.”  No I’m not sure who Captain Bailey is, why it can’t just be called “Steampunk AT-AT,” or why it has a unicorn horn. Never the less this thing is pretty sweet. It doesn’t do anything other than stand there and rust so I suggest converting it into a barbeque, for an investment of $9.95 you can get yourself a bag of charcoal briquettes and a bottle of lighter fluid and melt your legs off.

Hit the Jump for some closeups.

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News Flash: Travelling With Remains Is A Bad Idea

Two women were stopped when trying to board a plane when it was discovered that some pottery they had was full of skull fragments and teeth. Like so many before, they claimed it belonged to the person in the group that conveniently wasn’t there at the moment. Just like when my mom found my initials carved into our tree in the front yard. It wasn’t me!

Hit the jump to find out why this is going to ruin my summer travelling.


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Grillin’ like a villain

I’m sorry, I know that was awful.


Etsy seller Haute Mess Threads came up with these unique aprons with the likeness of different villains from various tv shows and movies. I like the idea, especially because of my tendency to grill shirtless I should wear more aprons. The only problem I foresee is all the neighborhood kids having no idea who that guy is hiding your nipples.

Hit the jump for more of my favorites.

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A music box to cool for the wife.


Marking the first kinetic machine made by MB&F that isn’t a timepiece, the MusicMachine confidently brings the innovative Swiss laboratory into new territory. While the spaceship-styled MusicMachine may not tell time and can’t be worn, the tabletop music box does play six beautiful and eclectic tunes. Developed in collaboration with and manufactured by Reuge—the world’s premier music box maker with over 150 years of experience—the MusicMachine expands on MB&F’s storied background in avant-garde horology.

I don’t know what a lot of those words mean, what I did gather is that MB&F is a company best known for making outstanding timepieces have outdone themselves this time. They’ve come up with the MusicMachine. As you can see it’s a music-box-like object, but this one plays 6 songs and I’m sure it costs more than you car. Why is it so expensive? It’s cooler than your first car. This thing is cooler than any car I’ve ever owned, and I’ll bet ya it costs more than I’ve ever earned. Oh year, they’re only making 66.

Hit the jump for a video.

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What’s summer without disappointment.

Horrible, horrible disappointment.


    Most Star Wars fans have dreamed of a universe where they get new films on a regular basis. Whatever else Disney has done with the franchise, they’ve at least made that possible. We’ve known we’re getting Star Wars: Episode VII in 2015 and that it would be followed by the rest of the sequel trilogy and standalone films. Disney and Lucasfilm dropped some additional news yesterday at CinemaCon though: they will be releasing a Star Wars movie every summer starting in 2015.

Yep, every summer.

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Want: Minecraft diamond sword.


This is the Minecraft diamond sword created by my new hero Tony Swattson. He’s the man behind weapons like He-Man’s Sword, Odd Job’s Hat, and Batman’s Batarang. Basically he has the coolest job in the world. I think when I grow up, I wanna be like him.

Hit the jump for a video of Tony doing his thing.
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I’ll take that job, Stonehenge general manager.

The English Heritage organization, the ones that own Stonehenge are looking for a general manager to generally manage Stonehenge. Seems like an awesome job to me, $99,000 a year to manager something that doesn’t need managing. I’m mean, Stonehenge has been doing pretty well by itself for like a billion years, what could your management possibly improve?


But the gig involves more than just an affinity for rocks, supervising visiting druids and maintaining the Wiltshire stones’ ancient mystique.  English Heritage predicts an increase of 1.25 million visitors to Stonehenge by 2016-2017 and is looking for a senior manager who will oversee renovations of the site’s vistor’s [sic] center and exhibition galleries,  expected to be finished in December 2013, as well as the 80 staff members and more than 100 volunteers who work there, the Atlantic reports.

Hit the Jump for my thoughts on the subject.

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Plundering Ancient Burial Chambers, With a Transformer!

A group down in Central America has decided against their better judgement and created a transforming robot that will plunder old burial sites. The ancient city of Teotihuacan is full of archaeological wonders. However, these wonders aren’t cool enough to see for yourself, rather it’s best to view from a video screen as the remote controlled robot gets all the fun.


I’m uneasy with this whole thing though, the last thing we need is a robot getting cursed by a burial chamber. We all know how pissy those ancients were about their burial sites. Then we would have a crazed robot on the loose with Quetzalcoatl riding on its back and the fury of an ancient civilization to . Hit the jump for more info.

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Just as unsettleing as possible.

You remember when you were a kid and your biggest goals in life were to tear the arms off you sister’s barbie and shave a swear word in the cat? Here’s a lady living the dream… the doll destruction portion of it anyway.

Australian artist Freya Jobbins takes dolls and action figures, tears them apart, then reassembles them into human sculptures. Some of them are disturbing but all of them are well-crafted human forms.


This one is my favorite of her work. The others are just uncanny. hit the jump for some more.

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