Periodic Table For The Ages

It is true, I nearly pooped my pants when I saw this. This nearly catastrophic event was caused for two reasons. First, this is a freaking periodic table from LOTR showing all main (and some not so much) characters, their race, age, death, best friend, first pet, and favorite color! Truth be told, I didn’t look too closely at it, but it is awesome. So, that’s reason number one.


The second reason was the fact that somebody actually took the time and compiled all of this information. No doubt this was done in their mother’s basement (I can relate to that). Can you imagine how much time that took? Probably about as much as three batches of mom’s cookies. MmmmmMmmmmMmmm……

Hit this link to see the table up close. It’s well worth it. If you haven’t read LOTR yet then here are two suggestions: Read it, or go outside in a storm holding a very long, very metal pole into the air.

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