Jan 08 2014

Print Me a Cake: 3D Printed Food

chefjet-sugar-2-hires2With CES going on this week in Las Vegas (there’s still time to send me an invitation guys) we’re seeing a lot of news on 3D printing. A 3D printer is one thing that I would love to get my hands on. Before you knew it I’d have an army of those army guys with the sharp bayonet that your annoying little cousin used to stick up his nose. I’m sure I’d find some other use for it too, but ya gotta start somewhere.

One fun example of 3D printing comes in the new machines that can print in sugar and chocolate. Do you realize what that means? Chocolate army guys with the sharp bayonet. That and customized valentines candy. In fact no, you can’t have that last one, that’s my idea. Now I just have to get some one to lend me the $5,000 it will cost to get the cheaper of the two examples of food printers.

Anyone got $5,000 they don’t want any more?

The ChefJet Series, “an entirely new, kitchen-ready 3D printer category for edibles”.  There are two printers in this series the “monochrome, countertop” ChefJet and full-color ChefJet Pro.

Hit the jump for a chocolate example.


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