Feb 19 2014

R-Rated Movie Scenes in Childrens Book Form

movie-book-7Pixar storyboard artist Josh Cooley created a bunch of “Little Golden Book’s” type illustrations depicting scenes from movies that your average 4-year-old would not have seen. Can you imagine your average 4-year-old watching Donnie Darko? At lest you’d be able to pinpoint exactly when that child’s problems started in life.

What these images could serve for is a checklist of movies that you should see when you grow up. Most of them are pretty good. There are a couple that people seem to love and I just don’t understand why. My theory is that every one else is dumb.

Cooley is calling the book he put together Movies R Fun and it should hit stores in the next couple of weeks, so watch for that one. Until then you’ll have to be happy with the group I’ve collected for you here.

Hit the jump for a bunch more.

roadwarrior_watermarked predator_watermarked panslab_watermarked nocount_watermarked3 GoldenBookProfessional fargo_watermarked movie-book-8 bluesbros_non_watermarked donniedarko_watermarked drive_watermarked movie-book-6 movie-book-5 movie-book-4 movie-book-3 movie-book-2 movie-book-1

My personal favorite.

My personal favorite.

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