Roll Me Down the Hill: Concrete Pipe Cabins

China_s_concrete_p_2952481aWhen you travel do you like to sleep in a nice hotel that you booked weeks in advance or do you just wing it on a park bench? I’d like to think I’m adventurous enough to just go for it and sleep wherever I drop but I know I’m not.

A bizarre hotel made from pieces of concrete piping has appeared in a village in Henan Province, China.

Each room is made of a different piece of concrete piping and has air conditioning with a king size bed.

According to local reports, the owner hopes his hotel will attract city dwellers to the countryside.

I don’t think you could pass these off as hotel rooms in the US. Maybe cabins. But there’s probably some kind of law about using discarded construction waste to house people. That being said, you think we could get one of these rolling down the hill? It’s worth a try at least right?

Hit the jump for a video.

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