Run Away: Grandfather Pulls the Pin of a Grenade While Treasure Hunting

John-hill-bomb_2833601bThis is John Hill, 67, of Scotland and his 3 grandsons. John is one of those people who belong to a Metal Detecting Club, because apparently there isn’t anything else to do in Scotland. Recently while out treasure hunting on the banks of a local canal John discovered what he hoped was an ancient ring. It turned out to be the pull-ring of a WWII grenade.

Mr Hill, of Tiverton, Devon, said: “I picked up the ring but there was a grenade attached to it. It is quite exciting, but not if you have three young children with you.

He then placed it carefully on the ground before dashing a safe distance away and dialling 999.

A Royal Navy bomb disposal team were called to farmland in Sampford Peverell, Devon, where they detonated the live hand grenade in a controlled explosion.

So everyone survived and they still got to have an explosion. That makes for a pretty good day. I only wish I’d been there to see it. You’d have known which one was me because either be the guy standing way too close or the one who didn’t wait for the authorities to take the exploding into my own hands.

Of the explosion I think a bystander said it best, “We saw the puff of smoke and felt the shockwave from the other side of the canal. It was quite good actually.”