Run Away: Six Legged Robot is Coming for You

ourtrunner-robotQuestion: What’s scarier that a robot running at you?
Answer: A six-legged robot running at you. Especially if that robot can maintain speeds of up to 20 MPH.
So you know that’s fast enough to catch you and have its way with you.

The six-legged bot called OutRunner uses two sets of three legs to propel itself. The  footfalls are staggered to mimic how a biped runs, but mechanically it’s just spinning wheels to which the legs attach. If you have a smart enough algorithm it will not only remain upright but be steerable too.

Right now the creation is a Kickstarter project. That means the creators need your help to make this thing a frightening reality. I think I’ll get one to chase the cross-country team. We can use it as both a horrifying motivator and a run-along cameraman.

Hit the jump for the video.