Sads: Superheroes Banned


You read correctly, this Pennsylvania Preschool is banning “Wrestling, Super Hero[sic] play, and Monster games.” Cross another state off my list of places to visit. I know that you’re thinking that I shouldn’t judge the whole state by this atrocity, but Jimmy Carter is from Georgia and I don’t ever plan on going there.

I still remember the games me and my friends would play when we were little. We had this one game that was basically tag but we would push each other off of huge tractor tires (insight into my school’s playground) to get the next person it. Everyone seemed to really enjoy the game until one day Schwanny tagged Merrill and he took a 6 foot dive to the dirt and broke his arm. Of course the school had to go all anal and ban that game. How may kids are maimed and killed every year on the swings? Exactly some. So why don’t we just ban recess and play entirely.

Hit the jump for some of my favorite comments from the article.

Michael Beck

Whoever wrote this should not be teaching any children. Not only are they admitting that they can’t control four year olds, this missive is replete with more spelling and grammatical errors than is acceptable for an educator.
In short, my children would be pulled out of this “school” in an instant.


Jeremy Williams

Behold the death of imagination


Marcey Inman Martin
           PLEASE tell me this is some bogus document created by someone for whom English is not their first language. Without Super-Hero playtime who will be the next Batman?