Safety Last: Russian Kid Hanging Off Tall Structures

MustangRussian Youtuber and crazy person MustangWanted wants a Mustang and he’ll do anything to get it lives in Russia, where apparently it’s a national pass time to be insane. his version of insane takes the form on hanging off of tall structures like buildings, cranes, antennas, and bridges. You know the same kind of stuff that base jumpers like to jump from.

Unlike base jumpers Mustang does this without a parachute. He also has no intention of going down the outside of the building like climber repelling down a rope would. Mustang uses no safety equipment. Unless you count strong fingers and a tightly clenched butt hole. It’s Russia so who knows.

I remember the last time I was hanging off a crane eleventy billion feet in the air. It was exhilarating and terrifying. And then I woke up. Stay tuned for the next installation of the video which the friends behind the camera will have to post because the star is now a grease spot on the sidewalk.

Hit the jump for the video.