Save Me! Save Me!: Mother Bear Pulls Cub off the Road

bear-saved-by-mother-in-kootenay-national-parkWhat do you do when you’re a mother bear and you find yourself in Kootenay National Park in Canada? You call me immediately because I would love to meet a bear who can read.

What do you do when one of your cubs is stuck on the traffic side of a K-Rail in the park? Obviously you pull the little idiot over right. He’s not smart enough to use the thru-hole three feet away but you’d rather not just leave him to the tourists. I mean, their Canadian, no good could come of that.

That’s what is happening here. A mama bear is saving her cub by picking him up by the top of the head and pulling him off the road. Don’t worry, if you survived the cuteness of Frosty the goat you can survive this one too.

Hit the jump for the video.