Saw it Coming: Satanic Monument Coming to Oklahoma Capitol

20131208225552-CapsatLast year Oklahoma passed legislation that allowed them to build religious monuments at the state capitol so long as the monuments are independently financed. That’s all well and good for those who are not crazies. First thing they did was build a replica of the 10 Commandments. Now a Hindu group wants to put up a statue of a monkey-god.

Where the crazies come in is when the Satanists start and Indiegogo campaign to gather funds to build a monument to Satan. Now you all know me, I believe that it takes all kinds of people to create a functioning community, and it Oklahoma apparently there are a good portion of crazies, because the campaign is steadily gaining backers. I also believe that every religion has some aspect of truth to it. Even if that truth is, “There’s an ass for every seat.”

Will the funding go through? Who can say. Once they do get the funding will any of the groups aiming to build monuments go through with their plans. I kinda doubt it. Will the people trying to earn money for a Satan statue use at least a portion of that money to purchase illegal drugs? I’ll let you answer that one yourselves.