Sealed for Freshness: Vietnamese Children Ford River in a Plastic Bag

bagNo that’s not a CCTV image of a serial murder in progress. What is is is cell phone footage of a man in Vietnam loading a preschool child into a big plastic bag and floating them across a flooded river so that they can get to school without messing up their school uniform.

This particular video was shot by a local school teacher last year of a man helping various children cross the river by blatantly ignoring the warnings printed on his box of garbage bags. Apparently the bridge was washed out or otherwise unusable so they were forced to find another way to cross.

I must say, this works like a charm. So long as you’ve got a good thick bag and children who can sit still for a few minutes and not freak out when they float upside down, I don’t see any problems here.

Hit the jump for the video.


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