Secret’s Out: Map of Harry Potter Locations

map1When I read any book I like to imagine where in the real world the story might be taking place. Even stories that aren’t set in our world like Lord of the Rings or A song of Ice and Fire I like to think about what real-world areas or groups of people are being described. Probably because I don’t trust authors to create an entirely fictitious world.

The Harry Potter books are a bit different. They take place in England but for Americans, or at least me, we have a hard time placing where the story might be happening. For example, when the students board the Hogwarts Express, they ride North for hours and hours. To me, by the time they get off the train they should be somewhere in Canada.

Well, tumblr user ofabeutifulnight did us all a favor and created a couple of maps detailing where some of the major locations in the book take place. It’s pretty informative. I think I’ll be printing it out and pasting it in the front of my book.

Hit the jump for another.



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