Jan 27 2014

Seeing Stars: Injury Can Cause Star-Shaped Cataracts

19dqvifs3lsg1pngRetroactive warning: Uncanny closeup picture of eyeballs.

In news that left me both disturbed and intrigued I just learned that a serious injury can leave you with star-shaped cataracts. It’s happened several times now. Most notably in the cases of an electrician who was fried with 14000 volts and lived and an Austrian man who took a punch to the face. Not sure on this but I’m guessing alcohol was involved in both cases.

It’s very common for cataracts to form after the eye takes a hit. Punches and the balls used in sports are most often the cause, but bumps from air bags and steering wheels have also created cataracts.

When the eyeball is struck, the energy of the blow sends shock waves through the eye that can disrupt the nature of the eye’s lens, causing it to become opaque in regions, he explained. In most cases, cataracts look more like a vaguely shaped cloud, and can be white or yellowish.

In both cases the people underwent surgery that helped in improving their vision. Isn’t science great.

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