Sheep-Pig: A Natural Pig in a Blanket

sheep-pig-1Seen here growing bacon fatter and harrier than any you’ve ever had the privilege of eating is the Mangalitsa. No, it’s not a mix between a sheep and a pig, although that would be awesome so scientists get on that. The Mangalitsa is the result of a wild boar and a farm pig getting lovey.

Some quick research tells me that all the information on this beauty is in German, so we’ll call this the second German victory of the day. Additionally I learned that the pig is also known as the Mangalica pig, the Mangalica Schwein, Mangaliza, and of course, the sheep pig. This one looks particularly wooly compared to some of the others I’ve found, and that’s just great.

Here’s a poorly translated blurb about the history of the Mangalista:

The originating from Hungary animals are considered particularly good-natured and cuddly. At the same time they are told by a besispiellose robustness why mangalica pig during the secondWorld War I especially would rate highly. Then we went with the population down, now is grown everywhere in Europe again.

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