Sign Me Up: South Korean University now Accepting Gamers as Student Athletes

gamerHave you ever had the delusion that some day you’ll go back to school on a sports scholarship after they start giving scholarships for dodge ball? I did once. I even told several college recruiters that I’d go to their school if they could give me a dodge ball scholarship. As is my luck, none of them came through for me. Well, now in South Korea, video game “athletes” can go to school and be part of the Sports Science program.

Chung-Ang University in South Korea now considers competitive gamers the same as traditional athletes. And it’s a top 10 (South Korean) school!

The move seems a little non-traditional, but let’s not forget that South Korea has a robust gaming community that’s a bit more mainstream than it is in places like the U.S. Live public gaming tournaments are a spectacle in South Korea, often televised with the kind of fanfare we associate with professional wrestling.

I wonder if the student gamers will get to choose their game or if they’ll all be forced to play a video game of a real world sport. Yeah, probably not. It’s all Starcraft and Unreal Tournament from what I understand. But I’ll be they’ve got an unbeatable Wii Bowling team.