Simpsons Grand Theft Otto


Deviant Artist DanLuVisiArt has envisioned the universe of The Simpsons in what is probably the most accurate version. He’s made Otto into a getaway driver and Lenny and Carl into drug runners. Otto is obviously the best driver in Springfield “ I stand on my record. Fifteen crashes and not a single fatality.” And Carl and Lenny must be doing something else. They don’t spend all their time at Moe’s and the power plant.

Once Otto was hired as the getaway driver, Krusty knew that if this heist was to be pulled off, they would need muscle as well.

Krusty suggested to head of his gang, Homer, that they enlist two of his personal drug runners, Lenny and Carl, otherwise known as Krusty’s Kocaine Cowboys. Both hustlers had been distributing Krusty’s Koke through the Krusty Burger front for years now, and had help Krusty bring in hundreds of thousands from off shore accounts over the months.

So far there are just two pieces but I remain hopeful that there will be a whole slew of them before long. If there’s one thing I like it’s looking at the seedy underbelly of a community. My community’s seedy underbelly is boring, all we have is black market carrot seeds to give farmers an unfair advantage at the county fair.

Hit the jump for the other half of the set.


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