Sneaky: MIT is Developing a Camouflage Generator

mit-camo-generatorA team at MIT is currently working on a new camouflage system to hide objects in public places. They claim that it’s not for any nefarious reasons, but they’re a bunch of college students and professors so I’m sure there will be an invisible coffee table on a sidewalk somewhere.

The idea behind MIT’s camouflage generator involves algorithms that not only take photos of a scene, but also analyze those photos, using that information to create a covering that will hide unsightly object. After testing multiple algorithms, the team found one that made objects hard to find for more than three seconds, which is longer than the average time that casually looking at an object involves.

One of the drivers behind the innovation is the push to keep historical buildings looking historically accurate. Instead of advertising the manufacture of the air conditioner on that old library they’d rather have tourists remain awed at the brickwork, or some guff like that. Really the camo is pretty impressive. If they’d just come out and tell me they are developing it for the military or for use in practical jokes I think I’d be more believing.

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