So Lonely: Dogs Home Alone

1Do you ever wonder what your dog does when he’s home alone without you? Maybe you just hope he’s not humping absolutely everything. Which he absolutely is. Well Maija Astikainen decided to ruin her own experiment and stay home to take pictures of dogs being home alone.

She is calling the set One-Dog Policy and it really makes me wish I had a dog. Even if I just had one dog. I promise to take good care of it and play with it every day. But I will not clean up its poop. I don’t live in New York. I believe dog poop is meant to be left where it was deposited.

Now if I could just figure out what the wife does while she’s home alone all day. Whatever it is it’s crazy expensive and it wastes a lot of gas. I suspect she’s a drug dealer. But not a good one because she never comes out ahead at the end of the month. All the druggy neighbors really like her though.

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