Mar 11 2014

Sold Out: Toilet Sarlacc

toilet1Check it out, two Star Wars related posts in a row.

This is a Toilet Sarlacc you might remember the Sarlacc from Star wars when Lando decided to be a good guy again. And you’ll probably recall the toilet from your mad dash up the stairs when you got home from work and just barely made it. Stupid traffic.

Yes you’re going to have to clean the toilet and allow it to dry out before installing. That means not using it for an hour or so. But it’s totally worth it to install your own personal Sarlacc. Especially for those moments you’ve got a goldfish to flush.

I think I’m going to install this right before I move out of my apartment. Let the next guy deal with the horror of squatting above this thing every day.

Hit the jump for more shots.

toilet2 toilet3 toilet4

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