Sooners join the Turlte Club.

turtle-test-fake-turtleBecause in Oklahoma it’s not okay to run over animals with your car but it is okay to put fake animals in the road and watch the mayhem, the folks at KFOR-TV in Oklahoma City decided to run a test to see who would run over a fake turtle and who wouldn’t.

As it turns out most people do avoid running over stuff that’s in the road. Who would have guessed? But then again there were a couple of people that went out of their way to hit our little turtle-y friend. What I find even more disturbing than those that hit the turtle are those people that went out of their way to move it. In the video after the jump you’ll see one truck that tires to cause a pile-up and one group of good-ol’-boys who intend to bring Turtle into a new life of high stakes reptile racing.

I, for one, don’t like hitting things with my car. Whether it’s an animal or anything else. I’m always afraid that no matter what I hit it’s gonna break something that I can’t afford to fix, which is anything. I have one friend though, whose goal in life it has become, to hit a dear with his Ford Econoline van. The trouble he’s having though is keeping the van running long enough to get an opportunity. I’m not here to say whether that’s right or wrong, only that I don’t want to help clean it up.