Squee: Cutest Goat in a Wheel Chair You’ll see Today

frostyThis is Frosty the Snowgoat. He lives on a farm in Australia. When Frosty was even younger than he is now he was afflicted with Joint Navel Ill. A disease that left poor Frosty without the use of his hind legs. Luckily for him the Edgar’s Mission non profit was around to nurse him back to health and find him a wheelchair.

Now, this tiny goat’s adversity if our uber-cute internet video. Just watch it and try and tell me I’m wrong. What could possibly be cuter than a tiny white goat with wheels? “Maybe a tiny white goat with skis?” You’re a genius! To the slopes! “Wait, he would be hard to see in the snow.” We’ll call him the white ninja and he can be cute, silent, and deadly. If her would just stop bleating for a second and practice the silent part.

Hit the jump for the video.