State of the Web May 20, 2013

This week on the web…

  • Nobody understands the words that are coming out of your mouth.
    If you’ve ever wondered what the hell people from other parts of the country were talking about then you’re not alone. Turns out the USA is full of different accents, more than just the Boston slur and the Southern drawl. I was never quite sure what people were talking about with that Southern drawl, when …Continue reading »

  • Google and NASA Make Quantum Leap Together
    I know it’s bad form to refer to an article’s title in said article, especially before the reader even really knows what it is all about, but that title is an awesome throw-back from the early 90′s.  Well done me! On the topic of “quantum,” Google recently announced at their annual I/O conference their new …Continue reading »

  • A Pet Tornado
      Yep, the coolest toy ever has been invented. This is an indoor tornado found at the Mercedes-Benz Museum in Stuttgart, Germany. Of course, the Germans have to come out with the coolest things I guess. Although I dread the day when this tornado breaks out of its confines and wreaks havoc on its owners, I …Continue reading »

  • Shaken not spilled
    Have you ever wondered what the people on the movie you are watching are drinking? Probably not because it just doesn’t matter. However, apparently the folks at Pop Chart Lab did wonder and they created a  poster that includes the best known drinks, and a lot from movies I’ve never bothered to watch. Larger version …Continue reading »

  • Boldly Traveling at Speeds “un-travel-at-able.”
    Untravelable? Untraversable? Impossible? Really-really-fast. If you’ve ever wondered which ship from which science fiction is the fastest, then you’d fit right into the conversations I get stuck in. If you’ve ever argued that one fictional ship is such-and-such percentage faster than another ship you need to go outside. Outside, HA. The best thing about this …Continue reading »

  • Bacon press, as if it weren’t impressive enough.
    We’ve all seen it happen, you throw a couple rashers of bacon in the pan to try and make your day a little more bearable and only to see then twist and curl up on themselves like some sort of possessed trout. As cool as the rings of bacon you end up with may be …Continue reading »

  • Uncanny: Lego Arm
    We at Uncanny Flats look forward to the Singularity and becoming the subjects to our future, loving robot overlords are very concerned for the mental well being of those who build humanoid robots. Here, Polish Lego builder and YouTuber piotrek839 has created an arm prostheses from Legos. It moves and everything, but obviously hasn’t learned …Continue reading »

  • Let’s Play, something else.
    For any of you familiar with the internet and in particular YouTube you know that people will post everything they can get their hands on. The problem we face today is that some people like to record themselves playing video games and upload those recordings, usually with them screaming at the game and cursing some …Continue reading »

  • More Scary Ninja Turtles
    Artist Ian Olsen brings us a horrifying new view of our favorite Ninja Turtle, Leonardo. This time around he’s more of a bad ass. He finally looks like the killer he is. He’s one of those mutant turtles you wouldn’t want to meet in an alley lighted in any fashion. My favorite part of this …Continue reading »

  • Geek Think: Whatever Happens Happens
    We’ve all heard the phrase before. Whatever happens happens. My first gut reaction is to say, well, duh. However, we’re gonna get stuck in some deep thought, circular logic, and brain busting fun as we see how this very phrase may spell doom for the universe as we know it. Buckle up your brain, because it’s …Continue reading »

  • You have my sword, and Gimili’s Axe.
    Tony Swatton is at it again, this guy is awesome. This time he’s making Gimili’s axe from the Lord of the Rings Trilogy. Specifically it’s Gimili’s bearded axe that he caries with him all the time and fights with. A bearded axe for a dwarf, I know, perfect. Instead of sticking strictly to the movie …Continue reading »

  • Kepler is Kaput
    It is a sad day for all of those that care about finding potentially habitable planets. The Kepler Space Telescope, the thing that has been giving us data about all these potentially habitable planets, has suffered a major mechanical failure.  Initially, it appeared that all three wheels responded and that rotation had been successfully stopped, …Continue reading »

  • Proof That Sloths Are Actually Fast
      For no other reason than me loving this video, I decided I would put it up here. It doesn’t have anything to do with anything you say? Well, you tell me which one of us is in control.  The poor little sloth fell from his tree into the water, and somehow managed to make …Continue reading »

  • Nautilus car
    Seen here on their way to Burning Man, the USV Nautilus. Actually the only name I know for it is “Nautilus“. And USV, I just made that up. It’s not headed to Burning Man yet it’s going tot he Makre Fair but I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised to see this cruising around the …Continue reading »

  • Finger Painting: Now for Grownups
    Who doesn’t like dipping their fingers in staining, potentially harmful substances? Right, no one. Who wishes they could get paid for an action they perfected in Kindergarten and then were shunned for suggesting in 1st Grade? Right, everyone. Who thinks rhetorical questions are a good thing to include in an article? Big Brother, and English …Continue reading »

  • Loop wheels.
    Because your butt isn’t cushion enough and you’re not sure what to do with that £420 note your grandma sent you here’s Loop Wheels. Sam Pearce out of Nottingham, UK (where Robin Hood lives) came up with the idea to add suspension directly to the tires of a bike. So instead of just the springs …Continue reading »

  • Glowing food = bad, nanoparticles = good.
    Researchers at the University of Missouri are developing nanoparticles that can detect toxins and poisons in food. They do it by attaching themselves to the toxin and holding on. The real trick is that the particles are painted with UV reactive stuff (technical term) so when the researchers shine a black light on the tainted …Continue reading »

  • The Science of Bubbles
    Admit it, you like bubbles. Now we can all proudly look at them and pretend that we know what the crap is happening in those little orbs of potentially debilitating eye pain. Scientists at Berkeley chose not to pursue anything of major import, but instead chose to fulfill their long lost childhood desires by playing with bubbles while being funded by …Continue reading »

  • Ray Harryhausen: Life Well Spent
    If you’ve ever watched the opening scene of Malcolm in the Middle or any film made before about 1977 you probably wondered, “I wonder who did those creatures.” The answer is Ray Harryhausen. He’s the one responsible for all of the stop-motion shots of creature in films like Jason and the Argonauts, One Million Years …Continue reading »

  • Want: Me as Stormtrooper Action Figure
    I know what I’d like to be doing this weekend, and the next three weekends after that, but that’s it. Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Florida is holding, “Star Wars Weekends.” Along with activities like Jedi training and Star Tours, there will be some of the actors there: Boba Fett, Admiral Ackbar, Chewbacca (not the characters …Continue reading »

  • Not good: Zimbabwe zombie
    Everything seemed so peaceful… Yesterday afternoon, right around quitting time for us mortals, The Telegraph reported on a Zimbabwean funeral. Normal boring stuff right? The kind of stuff your parent’s subscribe to the paper for, why are parents obsessed with the obituaries? Come to find out this wasn’t a normal funeral:   Family and friends …Continue reading »

  • Happy Meal, With A Fountain Of Youth Please
    A man who shall remain unnamed (David Whipple) has a burger he bought from McDonald’s that looks exactly the same as the day he bought it. I’m gonna find whatever is perserving this thing, splice it into my genes, and then live forever! The downside is that I will smell like McDonalds when I get …Continue reading »

  • Strange paintings become stranger photos.
    Have you ever wondered who the artists who paint abstract images were using as models? Yeah, me neither. But this 19-year-old Hungarian kid Flora Borsi did. She’s found herself a group of abstract paintings and created photos of the models to go with them. Some of them are really interesting and, others give me the …Continue reading »

  • Cutting calories in the hardest way.
    Because artists are crazy, and I loves me some crazy, here’s “Cut Food” by photographer/genius Beth Galton. Somehow, probably magic and a katana, she has created a series of photos of food cut in half. Some of them are pretty good, the rest have vegetables and no sane person wants any of that. See, artists=crazy. …Continue reading »

  • Uncanny Ira
    Meet Ira, or “Digital Ira” to be precise. Ira represents the next step forward Nvidia is making in the capture and rendering of human faces in real time. Really they’re trying to climb back out of the uncanny valley so that we will love them again. I like Ira, he doesn’t move or talk or …Continue reading »

  • Add A Little Spiff To Your Coinage
    Because money isn’t already tacky enough as it is, here are some coins that prove just how much we should stop screwing around with our monetary representations. Australia Seriously though. You look at paper money these days and a word to describe could very well be ‘tie-dye’. Now we’re moving on from the paper to …Continue reading »

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