Support Group for Alien Abductees

Meeting of Abductees Anonymous.

Meeting of Abductees Anonymous.

Have you been in contact with an alien? At some point in your life, has an extra-terrestrial telepathically communicated with you about its life on another planet, or better yet, its life on our planet? Have you ever made love to an alien, or become the parent of one? If so, there is a support group out there for you. It’s called the Anomalous Mind Management, Abductee, Contactee Helpline — or A.M.M.A.C.H. for short.

That is good news for the rest of us that haven’t been on the probing end of a probedy-probe. This means that someone out there is going out of their want to gather these abductees together, document and study their stories and experiences, and hopefully keep them separated from society.

It looks like the movement on that last area is pretty slow. After the jump I’ve got a l-o-o-o-ng video of a city councilman who believes he’s the child of an alien and a lizard-god. Right now the helpline is only operating out of the UK, but I’m sure that with your help we can start a US chapter.

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