Surströmming: The World’s Smelliest Food

SurströmmingBecause vikings are cool again here’s the Swedish delicacy monstrosity known as surströmming, which translates to, “sour herring.” And that’s what you get. A can full of rotting fish. According to Jonas Aurell, the founder of Scandinavian Kitchen, quoting a Japanese study, surströmming is the smelliest food in the world.

Well, it must have been a slow news day in England or reporter Harry Wallop thought he was a strong Brit who could handle any nasty food because he met up with Aurell in a park to try some of the fermenting fish. Why would they meet in a park? Because it’s illegal to open a can of the stuff indoors.

As you might expect, hilarity ensued. After Wallop inspected the bulging can and opened it up, splashing it on himself, he braved a taste. This is what he had to say, “The actual taste — when diluted by a piece of tunnbröd — was unpleasant, mostly because of the sensation of the fermented fish lightly fizzing on my tongue, but it was not as bad as the smell.”

After seeing this video and reading more about the sour herring I’ve decided that will not be a food I’ll try. But it may one day be a white elephant gift.

Hit the jump for the video.