Sweet: Chocolate Syrup Artwork

a1_UploadYou know those designs and faces talented baristas are pouring into the foam on expensive coffees? Well here are some awesome images drawn in syrup that you can order to go along with your side of toast. Of course, you can’t get it here, you can never get something this awesome anywhere near where you live, you have to go to South Korea.

These beautiful plates with chocolate sauce artwork are from anime, comic, and video game store Saboten Store located in Seoul. The café was opened last year by former video game journalist Kyung Chul Han who was also a developer at NCsoft.

Customers can get one of these beautiful syrup art or “shirup ahteu” for an additional charge with any order. The designs include not just chocolate syrup, but also strawberry and other sauces for a little color. You can even choose what you’d like for a picture so you can have your favorite character as a syrupy treat.

For the price of about $8 you can get your favorite video game character to share a plate with your slice of pie. Now I have to decide which pie and which character would go well together. Any thoughts?

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