Take that Volvo: Hyundai Comes Out with Their Own Stunt Commercial

hyundaiApparently as a response to Volvo’s commercial featuring Jean-Claude Van Damme straddling a pair of semi trucks Hyundai has come out with their own advertisement featuring brave stunt-people doing things that you shouldn’t try at home.

Here they’re demonstrating the new car’s ability to drive by itself. So they start out with drivers who then jump out of the cars. The cars don’t seem to mind and continue on driving down the road. Until the truck carrying all of the stuntmen stops in front of them and they show off their ability to also stop.

I would love a self driving car, nothing would be nicer than being able to sleep all the way to work. That may even make road trips bearable if you didn’t have to be conscious for them. One thing that this commercial did point out that I wondered about, if the car is smart enough to drive without the driver why is it not programmed to stop driving when the driver falls out? That seems like it could end up being an annoying feature.

Hit the jump for the video.