Tetanus Booster: Barefoot Parkour

Barefoot_parkour_a_2936063aHow do you make a sport known as freerunning even cheaper? Or, how do you make parkour more manly, extreme, and dangerous, assuming those aren’t all the same thing? You do it barefoot.

Hey, is there any difference between freerunning and parkour? I’m not exactly clear on that.

Rostyslav More out of Tuscany, Italy has developed his own unique style of parkour. The barefoot style. I assume this means he takes a broom with him to sweep up nails and broken glass anywhere that he wants to play.

There may be some kind of advantage in having the extra grip of your toes when you are rail jumping. And it’s probably good to be able to see your feet when you are running on a narrow ledge. But I think you’d probably still be better off with some sort of protection against the horrors that are city streets.

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