Thanks Science: Why Does Bacon Smell So Good

baconsmellsgood-600x291When is the last time you fried up some bacon. I hope none of you can answer that it’s been longer than a week because that would make me sad. That reminds me I need to buy more bacon, I fried up my last pound on Sunday. Crap bacon is expensive.

One of the best features of bacon is how amazing it smells. Remember how your mom would cook breakfast for you in the morning about twice a year and there would be bacon. The smell would punch you in the face and float you down the stairs to the kitchen. How great was that? But have you ever wondered why bacon smells so good. Turns out science wondered the same thing.

The folks over at Reactions/ACS crafted a video that answers that very important question. As it turns out, there are 150 organic compounds that come together to make up bacon’s alluring scent. When the bacon is cooked, something called the Maillard reaction (a chemical reaction between amino acids and reducing sugars) occurs, which gives bacon is wonderful hearty flavor. Couple that reaction with melting fat, and the result gives off an intricate mixture of aromas that mesh together to create one, oh-so-delicious scent that is downright irresistible.

So what does this information mean to me, the average bacon consumer. Probably nothing, but it reminds me I should lock the doors when cooking bacon so I don’t attract the neighbors who may wan to steal share my precious.

Hit the jump for a video.