That was Close: Senator Nearly Hit by Train During Saftey Talk


If you ever needed someone to do something dumb you need look no further than your closest politician. Case in point…

United States Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.) was nearly struck by a speeding train during a press conference on Friday — at a conference about commuter safety, no less.

The conference, which was held on a Metro-North train platform in Milford, Conn., was meant to draw attention to an overhaul in Metro-North safety. But it ended up being a dangerous situation itself.

On the train’s part, they were clearly standing way to close to the edge of the platform. That 18 inch wide yellow like is the safety zone. Those things are there for a reason. The biggest disappointment is how no one reached out of the windows of the train as it sped by and slapped him with a tennis racket.

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