That would make a sweet barbecue.


In more grilling news, here’s this Steampunk AT-AT made by Flickrer Broken Journalist for his woman. He actually calls it, “Captain Bayley’s Infernal Mechano-Preambulator.”  No I’m not sure who Captain Bailey is, why it can’t just be called “Steampunk AT-AT,” or why it has a unicorn horn. Never the less this thing is pretty sweet. It doesn’t do anything other than stand there and rust so I suggest converting it into a barbeque, for an investment of $9.95 you can get yourself a bag of charcoal briquettes and a bottle of lighter fluid and melt your legs off.

Hit the Jump for some closeups.

steampunk-at-at-3-600x400 steampunk-at-at-4 steampunk-at-at-2

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