Apr 07 2014

That’s a Bad Omen: Islands are Eating Each Other


In November 2013, a seafloor volcano in the western Pacific Ocean spewed enough material to rise above the water line. The new island, or Niijima, sprouted just 500 meters from Nishino-shima, another volcanic island that had last erupted and expanded in 1973–74. Four months later, the new and the old are now one island, and the volcanic eruption shows no sign of abating.

Let me just say this, Niijima is a fun word to read. Even if this new island is intent on taking over the world I’m cool with it because its name is fun and unassuming. That makes it more dangerous that you could ever believe.

Right now the island totals about a kilometer across and about 60 meters high. If you don’t tell anyone else I’ll inform you that it is also the site of my secret, evil lair. Isn’t it obvious? All evil lairs are built in volcanoes and any evil genius worth his salt will need to expand as time passes.

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