Aug 16 2013

That’s a Lot of Numbers: Call of Duty, By the Numbers

codActivision recently came out with this sweet Call of Duty infographic. A lot of these numbers are pretty impressive. It looks like a lot of people have wasted a lot of time playing Call of Duty. I could never have fathomed how high some of these figures are.

For example, the graphic lists the number of shots fired in the game as 32.3 quadrillion. If you can’t wrap your mind around that number let me lay it out for you. Go down to the beach. Dig a pit 10 feet wide by 10 feet deep by A MILE LONG. That pit will have contained approximately 1 quadrillion grains of sand. Now do that 31.3 more times.

If the time spent playing Call of Duty was put towards doing anything else the world would either be a perfect place. Or it would have been destroyed. One or the other, dealers choice.

Hit the jump for the full graphic.

Click here for the Huge version.


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