That’s Gross: Ring Covered in Human Skin Leather

Forget_Me_Knot_2_1024x1024Late Warning: This one is gross. Like human skin on a piece of jewelry gross.

Artist and crazy person Sruli Recht, who you may remember that we featured before, created this ring a while back that he covered in his own skin. If you’re wondering, no, that’s not a surgery that your average health insurance is going to cover. But he is from Europe so who knows.

He’s calls the ring the Forget Me Knot and he’s trying to sell it for 350,000 euros, which comes to $473,655. Not something that I can see myself purchasing any time ever.

In a documented one-time surgery-performance, a plastic surgeon removed a 110mm x 10mm strip of skin from the abdomen of Sruli Recht. The subcutaneous tissue and epidermis was then scraped from the dermis, which is stripped of fat by hand and blade, before being salted, and tanned with an Alum solution. The resulting leather from the dermis was prepared for use in the ring, Forget Me Knot.
Hit the jump for another angle and a video of the surgery.