That’s Kinda Creepy: Disney Princesses With Normal-Sized Eyes

anigif_enhanced-buzz-25152-1382975279-26 anigif_enhanced-buzz-1427-1382984752-15Do you know what the princesses from Disney’s animated movies and all of the people in every Japanese animation have in common? “Tentacles?” That’s gross, no. Their eyes are too big for their face. Now why would anyone draw a character out of proportion? Could it be so you connect with them in some way or so that they show emotion more easily? That could be part of it. My guess is because someone did it that way in the 30’s and now if you change things up your girl looks creepy as hell.

This set of Uncanny Disney Princesses (my favorite kind) is brought to us by BuzzFeed, the Internet’s favorite provider of lists. I’m guessing someone took the time to measure these ladies’ faces and figure out how large their eyes should be. Or maybe they just shrunk them down until they felt too small and decided that was more realistic.

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    • vittujaaa on October 9, 2014 at 9:03 AM

    what the hell? these eyes are a way too small to be ” normal sized”, the original ones are closer to normal eyes

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