That’s Using Your Head: Breaking Walnuts with Head World Record

walnutTwo world record posts in one day. now you know how to impress me.

This is Pakastani martial artist Mohammad Rashid. At the recent Punjab Youth Festival in Lahore, Pakistan, Rashid decided it was time that the old record for the most walnuts crushed with one’s head in a minute fell. What that old record is I’m not sure. Whether it existed before now, I hope it did. I always feel better when people nearly kill themselves breaking existing records instead of making up new ones.

As you’ll see in the video Mohammad’s team prepared a long table by taping walnuts to it. Then on the green light Rashid proceeded to crack the nuts with his dome. There’s a lot to be impressed by here. How fast he went, how little blood there was, how hard some of those nuts where, and how he didn’t pass out as soon as the minute was up.

I’m going to start my training tonight and next year go for the almond head banging world title. Instead of spreading them out though I’m just going to pile them up and bash them into paste. Almond butter all around.

Hit the jump for the amazing video.