That’s What You Get: Impatient Driver Gets Stuck in Wet Concrete

carWhen you’re stuck in traffic and you notice a clear road off to the side that obviously gets you around the goat-roper slowing things up ahead of you you’d take it right? Well, first you’d be suspicious and check to see why the obviously better path is empty. When you see that it is newly laid concrete you’d just hang you head, sulk for a second, and continue on your current path. That’s not how one Chinese driver handled it. Instead he buried his $100,00 car in the wet concrete.

According to Chinese media, the impatient driver ignored warnings from construction workers and tried to take a shortcut down the road at midnight local time.

The Merecedes E-Class managed to make it 200m down the lane before coming to a [half] in a foot of cement.

The vehicle was wedged in the concrete for 14 hours before workers managed to drill and dig it out

I love that qualifier, “According to the Chinese media.” I’m glad that’s not something I have to deal with regularly I understand that it’s a lot like getting all your news from a friend of a friend of your wife.

Hit the jump for a video of the stuck vehicle.