The benefits of pressure washing construction equipment

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Construction equipment is some heavy-duty stuff. It performs major functions and can be dangerous if not taken care of properly. For the safety of others and a high-quality construction experience, this high-performance equipment must be taken care of properly and used effectively. Keeping your heavy machinery clean will continually enhance its performance. However, it will also decrease its risk of overheating significantly. Excess debris can contribute to overheating within a machine. As it is cleaned thoroughly and often, the risk will decrease significantly. When you take the time to ensure you have clean equipment, you will be more aware of early fault detection

When construction equipment is taken care of properly, it lasts longer! The essential tools needed to wash and care for construction equipment properly are pressure washers. Pressure washers pay for themselves in early detection of oil leaks and potential repairs. They also keep dust and dirt from choking the cooling system and overheating the engine and other parts such as joints and pivots from decreased function. Cleaning your equipment saves money and time by keeping your machinery in working order.

Here at Custom Industries located in Grand Junction, Colorado, we’ve been pressure washer specialists to the construction industry for over 35 years. Nothing cleans faster, better, and easier than a pressure washer. Pressure washers, spraying at speeds of 1500-3000 pounds per square inch, will clean off stains, moss, debris, and other imperfections that normal chemical cleaning can’t do on its own. Pressure washers have an extensive line of detergents formulated specifically for use with pressure washers in cleaning heavy equipment and construction-related machinery. Surprisingly, pressure washers also conserve water, using only a fraction of the water typically used when cleaning with a garden hose. Selecting a power washer is like painting—the bigger the brush, the faster you get the job done. Pressure (PSI) determines the width of the spray. High water volume (GPM) cleans more effectively. Both high PSI and GPM deliver an ideal knock out punch. At Custom Industries, we supply, in particular, hotsy pressure washers. Our pressure washers come in a variety of ways to best suit each need. They come using hot or cold water. They can function using diesel, natural gas, propane, or electricity. They range from 1,000 to 15,000 PSI. We even offer rentals to try.

Clean equipment not only saves money and keeps things running more effectively, but it also keeps you safe. Although, the risks of using heavy-duty equipment may be risky. We can do our part by taking care of our machinery to lower these risks and get the job done.

Custom Industries is a industrial supplier located in Grand Junction, Colorado. They supply in particular hotsy water pressure washers in Grand Junction.

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